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Welcome to the Financial Planner Blog!

Welcome to The Financial Planner blog!  I will be sharing financial planning ideas and strategies with individual investors. If you find this information pertinent, I will have succeeded in my mission. I will also help keep you informed when laws change and new planning ideas come to the fore.  At Allodium, we want you to know about smart strategies for your money.

The team at Allodium wanted me to share a little bit about how I came to be in the financial planning and investments business. It really came down to bad advice, or I should say, no advice. I was a single working woman for many years with no real clue about my money. I engaged investment advisors and I paid for financial plans more than a few times.  Do you think these folks paid any attention to my real need for sound financial advice? Unfortunately, they did not. They put me in some investments that paid them a commission or fee and moved on to the next client. I remember having to track them down every year just to have a conversation about my investments.

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