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Riskalyze ― Investment Risk Assessment Tool

To learn about your investment risk preferences, click the link below and fill out the Riskalyze Risk Profile Assessment tool. It will just take a few minutes of your time, but it can offer you invaluable insight. The information will help you better understand your investment risk preferences so that you can tailor your goals and objectives to align with your investment risk tolerance.

You may have heard terms like “moderate risk” or “high risk.” But what exactly do these concepts mean? What if your idea is different from your advisor’s? The Riskalyze questionnaire can help you and your advisor come to a better understanding of your individual risk preferences.

The Riskalyze questionnaire contains a series of questions regarding your comfort level in various scenarios and market situations. Based on your answers, Riskalyze will generate a profile for you with a Risk Score between 1 to 99. What if you change your mind about your preferences? No problem, you can freely edit your profile at any time.

The Riskalyze questionnaire is designed in an adaptive, dynamic format that is tailored to you and how you answer the questions. The framework is based on a probability model in behavioral economics called Prospect Theory, which won the Nobel Prize in 2002.1 When you have received your individualized score, you will have a more mathematical understanding of the relationship between risk and reward that is right for you.

1. Source: The Nobel Prize. https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/economic-sciences/2002/popular-information/

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